Nichts darf man mehr kritisieren…


…außer ein paar Dingen, die man so regelmäßig kritisieren darf, dass es sogar eigene, häufige Wörter für die Kritik an ihnen gibt (in Klammern: Häufigkeit der Verwendung in deutschen Zeitungen im Deutschen Referenzkorpus).

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"There is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do on a bicycle in traffic that should be punishable by death. As cyclists, we should never talk in those terms or budge on that. The default motorist perspective is so, so ridiculously far away from the middle right now that people are being killed just riding along, and then being blamed for it. Until that stops, do not give, do not compromise, do not apologize, and do not back down."

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Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Macedonia, Germany, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, San Marino


(Countries with juries who refused to give Austria any points at all)

San Marino

(Countries without enough televoters to give Austria any points at all)

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Tough Guise: Violence, Media & The Crisis in Masculinity

with Ed. M, Ph.D Jackson Katz

Same for mass shootings which are almost entirely done by white males.

If it was done by, literally, ANYONE ELSE of any other race or gender, I can’t even IMAGINE the shit that would be said by people.

I read somewhere, someone had this theory that the reason shootings are mainly committed by white males is because when women or poc feel alienated, depressed, etc, we are trained to keep it to ourselves, whereas white men are raised with a sense of entitlement that allows them to make their own problems everyone’s problem.

I wonder if it is true for shooting or for road rage or both or neither.

the bolded!

This is a really good documentary.

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Part 2 of 2!

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Warum ich die Mährholz/Jebsen/Elsässer-Kloake so verachte


Ich glaube nicht, dass dieser Mensch böse Absichten hat, viel mehr tut er aus guten Gründen (Überwachung, drohende Kriege, Versagen des Wirtschaftssystems) durch schlechte Informationen falsche Dinge. Wie so viele „Protestierende“ heutzutage zieht er dadurch, dass er verschwörungstheoretische,…

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